David Hubert and Pierre Perifel (Dreamworks) are guest masters for ELITE 2012

13 March 2012

David Hubert, who was an guest master at ELITE 2011, comes back with his collegue, Pierre Perifel, for a whole new master class in bio-mechanical animation.

The workshop will be about the human body bio-mechanical and it visual interpretation in the realization of a character 3D animation. Deep knowledge of human anatomy, as well as the laws of physics, are essentials to create a realistic and credible animation. Since the art of animation is to interpret and to push reality further, this knowledge must be combined to the rules and techniques of traditional animation, to be fully used. This master class will develop a better understanding and a better grasp of the human body mechanical movement and its visual interpretation.

Since a young age, David was passionate about cinema. Graduated from Inter-Dec College, he first worked as an animator at TVA International, then at 4Elements Studios before directing a character animation team on the movie Pinocchio 3000, at Cinegroupe. David worked in Marseille, Sydney and London, before moving to Los Angeles to work at Dreamworks Animation. During those years, he worked on many feature films and 3D animation movies such as Happy Feet, Hellboy II, Shrek Forever After, Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots, The Croods and Madagascar 3 – Europe Most Wanted.

Born in Lyon, Pierre currently lives in Los Angeles where he works at Dreamworks Animation since 2008. He get his diploma in 2005 at the Gobelins, the Ecole de l’Image in Paris and coproduce the short film Le Building which receive many awards. At Dreamworks, he works as an animator on Monsters VS Aliens and on Shrek Forever After, then as a lead animator on Kung Fu Panda 2. He now works as a supervising  animator on Rise of the Guardians, which should be out in the theaters by November 2012.

Pierre receive many awards during his careers including an Annie Award in 2009 for his work on the short animated film Secret of the Furious Five and a nomination, also at the Annie Award, in 2012, for his contribution to Kung Fu Panda 2.

The master class will take place on May 24th, from 9AM to 5PM.

Michel Gagné (Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet) joins the speakers for ELITE 2012

05 March 2012

Michel Gagné began a highly successful artistic career in 1985 after graduating from Sheridan College School of Visual Arts, where he studied animation. Renowned for his unique vision, Michel has lent his talent to several animation companies, such as Don Bluth Studios, Warner Bros., Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.  His creative work can be seen in over twenty feature films including The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones and Ratatouille.

The master class will be about the Art and Animation of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, winner of the “Best Animated Video GameAnnie Award.

It will take place on Monday May 28th and will present how traditional animation technique can be transposed inside a video game. The class will use examples from the gorgeous visuals and rich story telling of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, from which examples will be used in order to illustrate the subject. At the end of this training, whether participants are animators, game designer, artists, writers or producers, they will be able to incorporate the unique vision of Michel Gagné in their daily creative process.

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Scott McCloud confirms his presence for ELITE 2012

27 February 2012

Scott McCloud will be an guest master for ELITE 2012!

Scott McCloud has been writing and drawing comics since 1984. His books Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics are available in 16 languages. McCloud has lectured and consulted for Google, MIT, Pixar, Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution. Sin City creator Frank Miller called him “just about the smartest guy in comics.”

His online comics and inventions like the 24 Hour Comic can be found on his website.

The master class will take place on May 28th and 29th, from 9AM to 5PM. The master class will consist of a visual lecture and intensive hands-on workshop in the art of making comics. Strong emphasis will be given to developing clarity, storytelling skills and personal expression from the participants.

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ELITE 2012 – Master Class with Giovanni Napkil, ILM

20 February 2012

ELITE presents its new master speakers for the 2012 Convention!

Giovanni grew up in the Philippines being greatly influenced by sci-fi, horror and anime. He moved to Canada with his family in his teens and studied Computer Graphics at Seneca College where he began his interest in all things CG.

He currently works for Industrial Light & Magic as a digital artist, creating creatures for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean 2, War of the Worlds and The Spiderwick Chronicles. His most recent work can be seen in Star Trek in which he was the creature model supervisor.

The ZBrush Creature Workshop will take place on Wednesday May 23rd at Centre NAD.

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The ELITE 2012 Convention will take place from May 21st to June 1st.

Hope to see you all this summer!

Art and Animation Master Class with Michel Gagné at Centre NAD on February 24th

13 February 2012

Centre NAD will be welcoming Michel Gagné for a new Master class on the Art and Animation of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, winner of the “Best Animated Video Game of the Year” from Annie Award.
I had the chance to ask him a few questions.

1. Please tell us about yourself. What is your career path?
I was born in Roberval, Quebec, and grew up in the small town of Saint-Félicien, dreaming of one day, being a comic book and special effects artist. At the age of 18, I moved to Oakville, Ontario, to study Classical Animation at Sheridan College. Upon finishing college in 1986, I was hired by Don Bluth Studios as they were finishing up the animated movie, An American Tail. I graduated to character animator on their next picture, The Land before Time, and ended up working for Bluth Studios for six years, both as a character animator and a special effects artist.

In 1992, I left Bluth to work for various studios doing effects work on both animated and live action movies, as well as doing character designs and pre-production development. Through it all, in my free time, I pursued independent ventures such as doing short films, painting, sculpting, writing and illustrating books and graphic novels, etc.

In 2001, after working for the big studios for fifteen years, including a 6-year stint as head of special effects for Warner Bros Feature Animation, I decided to move away from Hollywood to focus all my time working as an independent. For the past ten years I’ve diversified my skills working in various medias including illustrations, live shows, books, comics, animated short films, and video games, while still maintaining a good relationship with movie studios such as Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc, for which I produce concepts, designs and animation on a freelance basis.

In 2007, Joe Olson (my game expert partner) and I created Shadow Planet Productions, in order to do our first game project, Insanely twisted Shadow Planet, which was released on Xbox in August 2011.

2. What will your master class consist of?
The first part, I will be discussing my professional experience and how I was able to break into the movie industry. I will demonstrate my process and approach to animation, special effects, character and environment concepts, etc. I’ll talk about my various ventures into various artistic mediums and explain how they co-relate to my growth as an artist. I’ll give my personal insight on how to discover your own voice and creating art that is unique.

For the second part, I will be focusing on the making of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, going in great detain on how we put the project together from start to finish. The subjects covered will include: The Birth of an Idea; Putting Together a Pitch and Getting the Game Financed; Creating a Work Pipeline from Scratch; Experimentation – Trial and Error – Finding What Works; Color Scripting and Storyboards; Bringing Animated Film Techniques into the Game; Transposing Concept Art into Playable Environments; Making Impressive Cinematics on a Small Budget; Using Simple Methods to Create Spectacular Effects; Keeping a Singular Artistic Vision throughout the Project; Making the Gaming Experience as Cinematic as Possible; Combining Music and Sound with Animation for Maximum Impact.

3. Who is your master class aimed at?
Professional and students alike. I’m going to do my best to share as much knowledge as I can within the allocated time. People that are interested in animation, game making, as well as peripheral artistic medias, will get a good insight from an insider who has been equally successful working in both, the studio system and the independent arena.

4. What will the participants learn?
I intend to make the workshop as much of a visual experience as possible and show a unique perspective that my many years in the industry have provided me. I’ll do my best to open their minds to the endless possibilities of making it as a successful creator and not put unnecessary limits upon themselves. I have been in the art industry for 25 years and still believe the best is yet to come. My goal is that the participants will feel the same way after the workshop and see the future in a brighter light than they did before.

5. A brief word for future participants?
We’re going to have fun and learn a great deal!

Master class with Daniel Gregoire, Halon, on June 2nd at Centre NAD

02 May 2011

The Centre NAD interviewed Daniel Gregoire, Owner and CEO of Halon Entertainment who will present the impact of the modern previs on the creative process of movie making. This master class will take place at Centre NAD on June 2nd from 9AM to 5PM.

1. Please tell us about yourself. What is your career path?
My interest in art started in high school where an influential art teacher, Mr Lage, encouraged me to take AP art classes both junior and senior year. Two years deep into college, and after deciding that aviation management and business were not for me, I returned to my creative roots and started learning the Macintosh IIci and a suite of software such as Infini-D, Photoshop and Macromedia Director. I would spend the next three years pursuing the world of digital art.

My first full time job was for ADC Telecommunications doing corporate presentations and fiber patch panel product illustrations. While not glamorous, it taught me how to work in a team environment. During this time I sent out many demo reels and resumes. I still have the notebook with all my notes and rejection letters from companies such as Lucasfilm, Westwood Studios and PIXAR.

My first big break came with Presto Studios in San Diego, CA, working on the third installment of “The Journeyman Project.” I worked with Presto for the next three years helping create some of the first CD Rom adventure games.

Master class with Szabolcs Horvatth, Digic Pictures, on May 30th at Centre NAD

17 April 2011

The Centre NAD interviewed Szabolcs Horvátth, Technical Director at Digic Pictures (Hungary) who will present the production and technical pipelines used by Digic Pictures using the rendered cinematic for the Dragon Age 2 video game as an example. This master class will take place at Centre NAD on May 31th from 9AM to 5PM.

1. Please tell us about yourself. What is your career path?
I was coming from a 3D generalist background and somehow (I still don’t know why and when), I started doing more and more development, simply to get the work done. First I started writing simple scripts, then writing shaders for Mental Ray and RenderMan, then Maya plugins and somehow I ended up thinking more about how things are done and how they should be, rather than doing the actual work. Which is quite scary so I’m always eager doing some “real work” in our projects. I always had an interest in lighting and rendering, exploring rendering and shading techniques so I look forward to some more rendering challenges.

Launch of Elite 2011, The 1st Computer Graphics Convention

07 April 2011

Yesterday evening, the Centre NAD revealed the program for its first ever computer graphics, Elite 2011. This convention will be taking place from May 30 to June 3, 2011 at the NAD Centre. Elite has for mission to offer a series of master classes centered around digital content creation on subjects that are both artistic as well as technical: visual creation, animation, design, narration, production management, etc.

Aimed at computer graphics professionals, Elite will become one of the rare events that will regroup, under one roof, 3D artists and designers, at intermediate and advanced levels, working in the fields of visual effects, video games, performing arts, simulation and multimedia. Alexandre Renaud, Corporate Services, Research and Development Manager at the NAD Centre explains his vision: “Above all, Elite is a learning experience, but it is also a networking event where professionals can exchange on topics such as art, design and new technologies; and this, with the most-talented people in the industry. True to the NAD Centre’s positioning, Elite will provide a 360 degree perspective on everything related to computer graphics in 2011.

Monthly profile: Sébastien Dostie, Graduate of the film and TV Program

29 March 2011
POSTED BY (3D Professionals)

Interview with Sébastien Dostie, Graduate of the Film and TV Program, Fall 1997 session, visual effects supervisor & partner at Boogie Studio.

1. Which company do you work for and what position do you hold there?
I work as visual effects supervisor & partner at Boogie Studio. My main role is to act as resource person for designers, directors and producers throughout their digital visual effects projects. My second role is to ensure that the director’s vision is upheld until the end with the use of digital visual effects.

Boogie Studio has recently completed over 175 shots for the movie The Howling: Reborn and we are currently working on an ad for Lg2.

2. Why did you choose a career in 3D? 
I have always loved the performing arts for as long as I can remember. However, I didn’t have a stage director’s expertise and even less the boldness to be in front of the camera. So, when came the time to choose a program, I was attracted to computer graphics since it combined image with computer. After a year spent learning Quark Xpress, Illustrator and Director, I quickly became disillusioned. During this same time period, I saw the short film “Tony de Peltrie” and the movie “Jurassic Parc“.  Then my dad made me read an article on Daniel Langlois and his company Softimage. Right after reading that article, I knew what I wanted to do. After two attempts and reaching the required minimum age, I was accepted at the NAD Centre.

Monthly profile: François Gosselin, Graduate of the video game Program

18 February 2011
POSTED BY (3D Professionals)

Interview with François Gosselin, Graduate of the Video game Program, Fall 2002 session, 3D generalist at Gameloft.

1. Where do you work and what is your job?
I’m currently working at Gameloft Montreal as a 3D generalist. I do a little bit of everything during a production which gives me a lot of freedom. For the moment, I’m in R&D for our next project.

2. Why did you choose a career in 3D?
The first time I watched shows like Reboot and Toy Story, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with my life. I started studying Art history and one day, my teacher in graphic arts told me about the Centre NAD. I initiated the procedure to be accepted as a student at Centre NAD right away.

3. How did the Centre NAD help you to start your career in 3D?
The Centre NAD was my entrance into the video game industry. All the students in my class were motivated. We possessed complementary strengths and we could share our knowledge. To have teachers who worked in the field allowed me to make contacts and, above all, it gave me a better knowledge of the video game industry.