ELITE 2012 – Interview with Scott McCloud

29 May 2012
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1. Please tell us about yourself. What is your career path?
I’ve been making comics and graphic novels since 1984. I’m best known for my 1994 book Understanding Comics and its sequels, including 2006′s Making Comics which grew out of workshops like the one I’ll be giving at Centre NAD. I’ve lectured on comics and visual communication at 200+ destinations including Pixar, MIT, Google, and the Sydney Opera House.

2. What does your master class consist of?
Visual lectures and intensive hands-on workshop in the art of making comics. The lecture at the beginning of each class will be one to two hours, including time for questions and discussion. The rest of each day will concentrate on applying those ideas with pen and paper and examining the results in a group setting

3. Who is your master class aimed at?
Literally anyone with an interest in the form, teenager to adult. No prior drawing experience is required. Some of my students have been master draftsmen, some drew stick figures. This is a class in visual communication and writing with pictures. The ideas are universal and broadly accessible.

4. What will the participants learn?

  • Telling stories through sequential art.
  • Harnessing the knowledge and expectations of readers.
  • Choosing moment, frame, and image for impact and clarity.
  • Dynamically combining words and pictures.
  • Mastering the calligraphy of body language and facial expressions.
  • Exploring new approaches to story structure.

5. A brief word for future participants?
I’ll be providing all materials, but feel free to bring along your own favorite drawing tools for your final assignment. Other than that, bring your eyes, your hands, and your curiosity, and we’ll have everything we need for a fun and productive two days. :-)