ELITE 2012 – Interview with David Fugère-Lamarre

28 May 2012
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1. Please tell us about yourself. What is your career path?
I think I’ve made my career choice at the age of 5 when I saw for the first time someone who was playing at Super Mario Bros. Later, it was only natural for me, since I come from a family of engineers, to study in Computer Engineering at Polytechnique to work in the game development field. I graduated in 2004 and I obtained my first job as a game developer at Artificial Mind & Movement (now Behaviour Interactive) in the same year. Back then, I worked on teams that were developing PS2 games. It was also during that time that I’ve met my future wife and in 2006, I decided to follow her in Lyon where I worked as a game developer at Phoenix Interactive on a Wii game. We switched roles the following year because I was doing a master’s degree in project management at NJIT in Newark. It’s when I returned to Montreal in 2008 that renewed contact with former coworkers from A2M to establish Illogika, a game and application development company where most of our creations were developed with Unity. We’ve been involved in more than fifteen projects for iOS, Android, Web and PC/MAC applications ever since. In parallel, I collaborate on a regular basis with Centre NAD to give Unity training within their premises in Montreal and, starting this year, outside the country.

2. What does your master class consist of?
This master class is an introduction to the Unity game engine and its use in a business production. This multiplatform game engine is very popular in the development of iOS and Android games, but it can also create games and applications for PC/Mac, Web (with a plug-in or through Flash or NaCl), Wii, Xbox360 and PS3. In addition to games, several companies use Unity for projects like architectural simulations, interactive demonstrations, educational applications and product visualization. The main objective of the master class is to give to the attendees a concentration of knowledge and aptitudes that will allow them to start off their first project on Unity with a bang!

3. Who is your master class aimed at?
Anyone with a minimum of basic knowledge in programming and working in the game industry or any related industry using 3D in real time can attend to this master class. Programmers, designers and technical artists are the target audience. You don’t need to know Unity, but a general knowledge of game engines and 3D sofwares like 3ds Max will be useful.

4. What will the participants learn?
The participants will start getting used to the interface of the editor of Unity and the importation of game elements like 3D models, animations, textures and sounds. They will also learn the main functionalities like the physical engine, terrain editor and particles, animation culling and light mapping systems. Some external libraries like SpriteManager that are used to create 2D games will also be introduced. During the second day of this master class, the participants will learn how to write scripts in C# by using Unity’s API and MonoDevelop editor to create several common games functionalities. They will use the profiler and they will see how to use one version control software with Unity.

5. A brief word for future participants?
I hope to be able to pass on to you the fun I have when I develop games and applications with Unity. You will discover why 750 000 people working in companies of various sizes use this game engine to develop tremendous variety of games, applications and prototypes.