25 May 2012
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1. Please tell us about yourself. What is your career path?
Both Nancy and I began our careers in entertainment (Film/TV/Media) and while in Hollywood producing and writing for the majors, purely out of a survival instinct I researched what makes any media product successful. And that soon extended to books, plays, video-games, and businesses in general. I discovered eight common denominators that became the “Think8″ methodology for igniting creative thinking in every field. Creativity is the basic and most vital asset that any individual or enterprise possesses as it’s the undercut to all problem solving. My trade-marked method is now in use by thousands globally – individuals and corporations – and it’s very gratifying for us to be able to help others achieve their full potential.

2. What does your master class consist of?
We explain the theory behind the Think8 tecnhique – how and why it works to stimulate (or unlock) creativity in anyone. Creativity is the building block of developing a dynamic “Creative Vision” for any project or enterprise. And it’s based entirely on formulating a “Powerful Narrative” which is the driver for all works of art, media, and successful businesses. This theory is twinned with practical fun exercises to familiarize oneself with the basic tools to demonstrate their value in conceiving, evaluating and executing any creative project. What I discovered in my research and through years of delivering our system around the world, is that Creativity can be learned. It’s not just something you are “born with”. You don’t have to be a creative genius to think like one. And once someone understands the mechanisms behind creative thinking, the process becomes intuitive and can be applied to any endeavor. The Master Class in an introduction to Think8 and how it can become an indispensable tool for any creative individual at any level of design, production, financing and management.

3. Who is your master class aimed at?
Our Master Class is for anyone who wants to tap into their full creative potential. Participants better understand (and in many cases “decode”) the creative thinking process and how to unleash it, literally, in their own work. The class is for virtually everyone – producers, creative directors, writers, graphic artists, designers, programmers – anyone and everyone who works in a creative industry (and what enterprise isn’t fueled by creativity!).

4. What will the participants learn?
The basic “take-away” is a real grasp of the mechanisms of creative thought and the tools to apply them to their respective fields of work. Creative thinking is “directed thinking”, contrary to popular belief. It’s focused, channeled, targeted thought. But how to bring this about is the breakthrough that is Think8 methodology. It’s been called “Creative Thinking Software” which is actually an apt description of its value.

5. A brief word for future participants?
Nancy and I look forward to bringing our methodology to a even wider audience as we are deeply committed to enabling other to succeed in their fields. We have learned through years of application and measurable results that if the creative thinking process is fully understood and its tool applied, it can help guarantee the success of any project. So anyone with a sincere desire to expand their own capabilities is encouraged to attend.

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